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My Story

Kirsten Hospital
Kirsten Hospital Recovery

From a lifetime of trauma and abuse came subsequent ill health, including Coeliac disease, PTSD, Hashimotos thyroiditis, auto-immune disease, diverticulosis, Crohn's disease, gallstones, psoriasis, scoliosis, Meniere's syndrome and tinnitus. These were just the outward symptoms of a system that was severely compromised; the victim of adrenaline, stress, bad diet and lack of sleep. 

It was after hitting rock bottom and the painful 

realisation that no doctor was going to save me, that I set about saving myself. I enrolled for my PhD in natural integrative medicine at Quantum University, and along the way have discovered the most beautiful and wondrous secret of all - nature's gift of life to us through plants. 

Having been a vegetarian most of my life, I made the transition in 2016 to a fully plant-based existence, and am slowly emerging from the painful trappings of being chronically ill. 

I have also been made fully aware that - in saving my body - health is indeed holistic. One cannot venture on a journey of wellness without touching on all aspects of oneself - physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. 

And so I made the ultimate decision : to bare all and tell my story, in the hopes that it may find you somewhere along the way, struggling with your own sickness or fighting your own battles, or merely wanting a healthier lifestyle. If my journey touches you in any way; brings light or hope or courage to even one lost or sickly soul, then, in revealing me to you, I will have finally conquered my inner demons.  


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