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Health Tips

We probably all have very different ideas of what is healthy and what is not. What we can agree on, though, I'm sure, are the basics of great health - food, hydration, exercise, and sleep. There is so much to say to say under each of these headings, though, so please look out for a stack of health info which you can find under the Blog tab.

Keeping It Simple

Our daily health routines are very personal, because some things that work for one person definitely don't work for another. Everyone needs to be fully conscious and listen to their bodily needs; however, there are some very big pitfalls in one's day to day health regime.


What you think of as healthy, could indeed be causing those ailments. Be conscious of what you put ON your body as well as what you put in it. Many people do not realise that our household detergents, bath soaps, cosmetics, creams etc are laced with parabens and harmful ingredients that do damage to our livers. These toxins accumulate and in time, your liver will struggle to get rid of them.


Additionally, gluten is in almost everything you buy, including soaps and shampoos - gluten is harmful in many ways to many people, damaging the gut and preventing absorption of good nutrients, resulting in long term malnutrition.

The solution is to keep things simple - buy natural where you can, check those ingredients, and don't put unnecessary things in and on you body.


Eat Wisely

The beginning and the end of all things, what you eat will determine how long you live. It's that simple!

Raw Veg Salad
Gym Workout

Exercise Daily

Different strokes for different folks - truly! If going to the gym is not your thing, get out and walk every day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park on the far side of the shopping mall. As long as you keep your body active, with your heart pumping and  blood flowing, oxygenating your cells. I dive deeper into the myths surrounding exercise and diet in a blog post called - you guessed it - "The Myth of Exercise Vs Diet"

Be Mindful

People with personal connections, with interests, with a creative output, are often those who seem to do better in life. Switch off now and then, literally and figuratively - unplug your device, stop rushing around, say no! Be conscious of what you get done in a day, don't let stress dictate what you do next. Get rest, sleep! Be mindful of your habits and how you react to those around you, and take steps to heal yourself and keep it that way.

Happy Friends
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