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The manner in which we live, including patterns of social relations, what we eat & drink, our entertainment, recreational  habits etc, all determine how healthy we actually are. Our lifestyles typically also reflect our individual attitudes, values or world views.

Examples of lifestyle habits include sleeping patterns, eating tendencies, level of physical activity, and stress management practices. Lifestyle habits can encompass our environment as well; how we treat our personal space and the immediate community in which we live becomes something we do without thinking

Beach Run
Friends Gardening

Each of us are individuals and our habits are as unique as we are. But it goes without saying that, for a healthy life, we must invest in self-care AND care of our environment. Start at home - be aware of what you use in terms of water and electricity consumption. Don't throw harmful chemicals down your drains in the form of liquid detergents and washing soaps. Turn off lights and geysers when not in use. And the most difficult but probably the most important of all, switch off your cellular data on electronic devices for periods during the day.

Your own personal lifestyle reflects who you are - both inside and out. If you need help improving any aspect of your lifestyle, there are lots of posts on the blog page to look at, or you are welcome to get in touch to chat further!


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