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A Much Needed Hiatus

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

It's a busy, humdrum life and we are always on the go - rushing from one commitment to the other and never stopping to take a breather. I was guilty of doing too much, and although hell-bent on getting better, I let stress get the better of me. After a great start to this page, after months of seemingly tipping the scales in my favour, I landed back in hospital just before the global pandemic began, treated for several severe bouts of diverticulitis and then having my gallbladder re moved. The pandemic's lockdown itself was - in hindsight - a godsend, giving me respite, time to heal, and a time to reorganise my priorities. Now emerging on the brighter side of long months of recovery once again, I had not planned to revisit this persoanl blog journey, instead preferring to hide away and do the healing thing alone. However, I kept on coming back to take just a quick look, and today find myself writing here for whatever reason that may soon come to light!

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