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Juicing Each Morning - Is It Enough?

I have a daily routine of ingesting only juices each morning, which really does keep me going and fully sated (and hydrated!!) until I eat solids at midday. It's not a strict routine, as I have a couple of chronic ailments that require the adjustment now and then of what and how I ingest, but generally speaking, I start each morning with a 200ml glass of celery juice (1 bunch of celery). I personally believe that this is an alkalising agent and helps my liver with its daily functions - I credit this to Anthony William in his book "Celery Juice" and to the fact that my recent blood results have shown vast improvements in my body (more on that later).

After the celery juice, I have a 300ml glass of freshly squeezed orange juice - I squeeze about 4 to 5 oranges in a Kenwood presser, I do NOT drink store bought juice. In my orange juice I add a sachet of liquid iron (I have a chronic iron deficiency) and take a handful of plant-based supplements (due to a couple of other ailments which I am working on and not because I lack anything specifically on a plant-based diet).

And then shortly after this, I will have my 500ml glass of green juice (recipe in another blog post), which, sometimes, I can honestly say I battle to get down because by this stage I am really full.

I need to point out that everyone is different, and for each person, various other methods could be beneficial and work better for them. I have been juicing every day for 3 years now, and this works for me. Being celiac, I struggle to eat in the morning, and have found that juicing is gentle on my gut, keeps me hydrated, and gives me all the micro nutrients I need.

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