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There's So Much Info Out There!

When I started doing research into my own personal chronic illnesses, I discovered a plethora of information available, some of it merely the opinions of people either misinformed or perhaps disinterestedly informed, but some of it pertinent and quite relevant too. What we fail to see are the connections between all things microbiological; we are a highway of interconnectedness, both physically and mentally, with all things relying on each other in an exquisite miniature ecosystem. We cannot have an optimally functioning body without all the parts working cohesively. It's pretty much like a car - if we neglect to change the tyres when the threads are bare, we're going to run into problems sooner or later. If we don't see to an oil change timeously, boy, are we gonna be in the poop!

Still running with the car analogy, I quite simply fail to fathom why people take such good care of their cars, for example, but don't look after themselves in the same way. Let's look at it like this : we buy a super duper massively expensive (cos they ARE, on anyone's budget these days) Mazda MX. Now we KNOW that this baby has to last us a while, because we can't afford to fork out for another one any time soon. We lovingly make sure the kids don't put their sticky fingers on the plush upholstery, we keep it clean and polished, and.......we make sure that we put in the right FUEL. We don't pour syrup in the gas tank. We don't fill it up with anything less that what the manufacturers recommend - real, honest-to-goodness lead-free super 98 petroleum. So why on EARTH do we put cheap crap into our bodies? We are not meant to run on refined, processed foods. We are not meant to force our livers to cope with toxins, which is what can be found in probably 90 percent of the foods we eat every single day. We shovel this crap in at an alarming rate, and then wonder why we don't feel so great. The good thing about cars, is that if you put shite into them, you're going to get shite handed right back at you, in the form of a tow truck and a very large mechanic's bill. Sadly, though, our bodies have an amazing ability to watch out for us, and will deflect illness for as long as humanly possible, before trying to let us know (in a very polite and discreet way, I may add) that it's in distress.

It really saddens me, this neglect of ourselves. There is so much information available today, and although it can be overwhelming, it's actually quite simple : listen to your body. And I mean REALLY listen. Don't turn off those flashing lights on the dashboard; don't ignore spasms of pain, or of any sign that may be your body telling you it is not coping. Go out there and use the information available to discern what works for you and what does not. And remember - doctors are not clued up with regards to finding the source of the problem (which is usually poor nutrition) as they prefer to patch up symptoms - so dig deeper into what they prescribe and find out if it's what your body needs.

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