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It's always difficult to make a change, and even more so to stick to a particular path of change once the decision has been made to do so. I had many wonderful people who helped me along my own journey's path, and I owe them all an incredible debt of gratitude. While I have tried to collate as much information as I can on these pages, and knowing that there is still so much more out there which can be accessed at any time, I nevertheless feel that reaching out to particular experts in their fields can be a huge support when needed.

Below is a list of links that will direct you to pages of some of the people who assisted me; I found their knowledge and their empathy profoundly enlightening. Some sites were merely found during the course of research and then utilitsed, others belong to people I have personally interacted with - to them I extend my heartfelt thanks for the wisdom and support proffered.                                    Joe Cross, Green Juice Expert                                 Anthony Williams, Medical Medium                                        Dusan Radic, Certified Spiritual Technology and PEAT Method Trainer                             Vardit Kohn, Holistic Healer & Nutritionist            Master David Paul, Tai Chi Gung Master & Professional Musician             Chris Melchior, Advanced Self-Development, Practical spirituality, Practical Meta-Physics                       Paige Fox, Alternative & Holistic Health Service                  Dr Roxanna Gunther, Registered Acupuncturist & Homeopathic Doctor                                Michael Newton, Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist & Award-Winning Author                                 Brenda Davis, Plant Based Pioneer & Registered Dietician


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