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Fruits and Vegetables

Why Raw?

Health Reasons

  • Overall great health

Improve energy levels and boost well-being with natural vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and live enzymes. Eliminate foods that cause disease, like refined starches, processed carbohydrates, animal proteins, chemical additives etc.

  • Disease Prevention

Most diseased people turn to plants after a life-changing health diagnosis, looking to reverse chronic illness caused by bad diet and malnutrition. Raw plants can reverse or prevent most diseases and slows down aging.

  • Weight Loss

It goes without saying that eliminating processed foods eliminates the cause of obesity.

What IS a Raw Food Lifestyle?

A raw food lifestyle incorporates eating habits that consist of uncooked, unprocessed foods. Some say at least 75 percent of your daily intake must be raw food, but generally speaking, foods are raw if they have not been exposed to temperatures in excess of 48 degrees C. Foods eaten by those following a raw food lifestyle consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts, seeds, and sometimes dehydrated foods like cereals. There are numerous variations on raw food diets, but on the whole, if your daily intake of foods is predominantly raw, you're on the right path.


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